The orchard

Our new house came with an amazing little orchard of apple, fig, plum, and pear trees. Last weekend Vada and I made fig newtons with fresh figs and this weekend we dehydrated as many apples as we could.

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Eye spy

Toban has been running on the Portland trails and I wanted to go along to hike. In order to convince Vada that it was something she wanted to do as well we offered to get her a magnifying glass. She was in! And even told me that she had fun on the hike!


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Hair flips

Vada loves to flip her hair… It kind of seems to be her comfort habit or happy expression. We got her hair trimmed yesterday. (Lots of swimming has caused for some greenish dry hair!) She specified the length she wanted and was so pleased she could still flip her hair in the usual spot!IMG_5967.JPG



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Mini Me

Vada wore my old ballet costume to her Dancing Princesses class this weekend. It is quite big on her but she is so happy wearing it.

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String Summit

We spent the past several days at the Northwest String Summit – a bluegrass musical festival just west of Portland. We camped with several families with kids around Vada’s age. Vada had a blast running around like crazy with the kids. And we were able to listen to some music as well!






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Firework Day

Vada was totally into the 4th of July this year. She loved the fireworks and wasn’t afraid at all. We alternated shooting small things in our driveway with watching off our back deck for bigger fireworks.

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Dancing Princesses

For anyone who knows Vada I don’t think I even need to explain how excited she is to start dancing princesses today. It is a class at a local rec center that is a little bit ballet and dance but mostly princess dresses, wands, and crowns.


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The pool hit 90 degrees this weekend!

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Little Lady

Apparently even on a van camping trip to the desert jewelry is a must.

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