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Trend Alert!

How many patterns can you fit in one outfit? Hearts, flowers, stripes, strawberries, etc.

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Nail Salon

One of Vada’s best friends came to preschool with her nails painted this week and shared stories of a nail salon with pools for your feet. Vada wanted to try out one of these nail salons and it was a gray rainy day so we went for it. She got the full treatment including a cup of hot chocolate to sip while they worked on her nails!

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Smoothie Bike

Vada and I rode our bike to a smoothie place where you can pedal to power the blender!

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Vada stuck these jewels to herself today. Apparently they are connector points to Jamie, Toban, and myself. 

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Vada is riding!

Vada has always done great on her scooters and small push bike and now she is riding her “big” pedal bike too!

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