Vada following a YouTube lesson on how to play Old MacDonald.

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Fly a kite

At the Oregon coast with Grandma.

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Sand writer

At the Oregon Coast with Grandma

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Layer cake!

She always has a creative vision of how she wants things… We just try to keep up.

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Vada had her preschool graduation today. The after party featured cotton candy, Popsicles, face painting, bounce houses, etc.

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Vada’s Dance Showcase

Vada had her first dance performance on stage today! It was so much fun to watch her on the big stage with the other little dancers all following the teacher. Toban was so sweet and bought her pink roses for after the performance. 

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Wild Canyon Games

I competed in the Wild Canyon Games this weekend with a group from work. Triathlon, geocache, team challenge, relay and more! Fun, adventuresome, tiring weekend.

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Vada’s preschool hosted a jog-a-thon this morning. She ran 7 laps half with me, half on her own. Alberto Salazar, famous marathoner, opened up the jog-a-thon with a story about the tortoise and the hare.

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Lazy weekend afternoon nap…

She claims she just zoned out for a minute and barely shut her eyes. 

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