Vada’s preschool went to the pumpkin patch this week! She wanted to carve it into a jack-o-lantern so tonight we did just that!

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I’m famous!

I was interviewed and filmed last week for a Nike press release on some of the product I designed. Check it out! cz



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More mud

Taking a break from cute Vada pictures for more muddy pictures of me! These are more pictures from the warrior dash I did several weekends ago. I cannot even believe that my face is possible of that look of disgust in the picture climbing into the mud pit!




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I participated in a bag making workshop this week and designed, patterned, and made a bag! It was a lot of fun.




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Nicky Mouse

1. Vada says Nicky Mouse instead of Mickey Mouse which is too cute to even correct.
2. Angeline and Adelaide sent Vada a box of goodies that will not be topped in a long time. It included this Minnie Mouse costume that I think was originally Jade’s?
3. Vada did an impressive pose off in the mirror and decided that this outfit was a strong contender for Halloween. Her final decision though she told me is a secret.






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Balloon flower

Vada and I enjoy going to the Beaverton Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. This week Vada got a balloon flower and proceeded to dance all around the play area with it. She claims it is the best thing ever.


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Warrior Dash

Last Sunday I competed in a Warrior Dash with some friends from work. It was the dirtiest thing I have ever done.IMG_6310.JPG


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Birthday sign up sheet

Vada created a sign up sheet at preschool this week for her birthday. She had her friends sign it if they wanted to come to her party. It doesn’t have everyone’s name on it because she said she ran out of time. My guess is she was busy on the monkey bars.


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