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Balloon flower

Vada and I enjoy going to the Beaverton Farmers Market on Saturday mornings. This week Vada got a balloon flower and proceeded to dance all around the play area with it. She claims it is the best thing ever.


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Warrior Dash

Last Sunday I competed in a Warrior Dash with some friends from work. It was the dirtiest thing I have ever done.IMG_6310.JPG


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Birthday sign up sheet

Vada created a sign up sheet at preschool this week for her birthday. She had her friends sign it if they wanted to come to her party. It doesn’t have everyone’s name on it because she said she ran out of time. My guess is she was busy on the monkey bars.


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Timothy Lake

Vada and I headed off for a camping trip with friends this past weekend. We met with generally the same crew from the music festival in July. So lots of kids Vada’s age running around like crazy. It was a lot of fun. Vada even tried out a canoe and stand up paddle board with me. Yay for positive peer pressure of other kids trying things!





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Old friends & monkey bars.

Vada’s preschool room transitions this week with older friends leaving for kindergarden and new younger friends joining. The old friends all helped the teachers fill out these cards by saying what they liked about each other. Vada got a lot of hits for monkey bars!

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Birthday Carrot Cake

Toban’s birthday is today! So Vada and I spent yesterday morning baking a cake. Carrot cake. We made the Martha Stewart recipe from scratch and it turned out amazing. Vada did great helping with all the steps. And hopefully she will help with a lot of the eating because the cake is insanely rich.





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The Last Dancing Princess

At the final class of the season all of the parents were able to join in the dance room to watch the┬áDancing Princesses. Unfortunately this freaked out several of the kids and they just clung to their parents. Vada is probably towards the older of the bunch so she danced the whole time. It wasn’t a special program just the normal songs and dances that they had been doing over the previous weeks. Vada chose to wear her Dora dress that Zoey handed down to her.DSC07190 DSC07199 DSC07181 DSC07169 DSC07157 DSC07138 DSC07120

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