Pendleton Round-up

Of course there is a fair in town for the rodeo and Vada just had to ride the ferris wheel.

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Pendleton Round-up

We went to Pendleton for the famous rodeo. Vada has a friend that is Native American and whose family camps in tepees for the week.

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2nd Grade

Vada officially started 2nd grade today.

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Back to school tomorrow.

We had the meet and greet at Vada’s school today. 2nd grade!

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Vada had been to Portland’s famous Voodoo doughnuts but didn’t remember it. I think she will remember this trip!

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Lego summer

Vada is still loving lego. She spent a good portion of this summer building the Disney castle… 4080 pieces! It’s finally complete and displayed in her room.

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Bike ride

Vada and I headed just outside of town to enjoy a bike trail. 6 miles!

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Summer reading

Vada completed the library summer reading program again! 30 minutes every day. Lots of Nancy Drew;)

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Vada’s favorite camp this summer was tennis. (Although she spoke mostly about other features of the racquet club like the nice locker rooms, hot tub, and smoothies.) We signed up to join the club and she has been playing tennis with me everyday now… with the promise of swimming afterwards.

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We take breakfast very seriously. And Vada is most likely turning 17 this fall.

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